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International Butlers School

Mara Lopez, Training Director and Pilar Muñoz, Training Manager of the IBS join us in the studio to tell us about their high level training and the team that supports it.

The Ferreti Group

Line Hadsbjerg from Cleanwave

Stefano de Vivo joins Rhea for a SuperYacht Special to tell us a little bit about himself and to dicuss The Ferretti Group's history, how it survived the 2008 crash to return in 2016/2017 as one of the strongest super yacht builders in the industry.

Marina High Tech

The Over Board Show with Dave

Muriel Penoty talks with Dave on The Overboard Show about the upcoming Marina High Tech Show to be held in Villeneuve-Loubet on the 24th and 25th of May 2018

No. 12 Wines

Andrew Azzopardi from No. 12 Wines

Andrew Azzopardi drops into the Overboard Show to tell us all about No. 12 Wines and Provisioners. He also shares some  anecdotal stories about some of the more unusual requests made of them!

Dolphin Wear & Deckers

David Ireland from Dolphin Wear & Deckers

David popped into the studio for a coffee and chat with Rhea on the Overboard Show

Megayacht News

The Crew Mess with Dave

Diane Byrne from Megayacht News phones in from New York to update us on the upcoming Superyacht Summit. She also talks about the Westport 120 and the origins of the new Burger 48 series

Project Neptune

Aston Martin and Triton Submarines

Rhea talks with Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin and Patrick Lahey, CEO of Triton Submarines about Project Neptune a collaborative venture to build the worlds first submarine


Line Hadsbjerg from Cleanwave

Line joins Rhea in the studio to discuss the plastic pollution crisis facing the Balearic Islands and the measures they are taking to combat it now and in the future.

Captain Guy Fraiser

The Over Board Show with Rhea

Captain Guy Fraiser dropped into the studio to share his thoughts and adventures with SuperYacht Radio and our listeners.

Aigua Sea School

Linda Revill sits in on The Overboard Show

Linda joins Rhea in our studio in Palma to talk about how she started in the industry, training, certification and a host of other topics.

El Crew

Erica Ley from El Crew

Erica Ley from El Crew joined us for a few mimosas and to talk about crew recruitment, and the issues facing those who are new to the industry

EYOS - Tenders & Toys

Tom Sell and John Apps

Tom and John joined us in the studio to tell us all about EYOS Tenders, from its founding through its evolution to the company and service provider it is today.