with Graham Torrington

The man from “Late Night Love” a National Radio show from across the UK - Going to bed with GT was a “must do” thing for 15 years for a generation.
His no-nonsense approach to relationships has made him a household name in Great Britain.

Graham has won awards from the UK Radio Academy & the New York Radio Awards for his work on Late Night Radio.
He is a radio professional working both for the BBC & commercial stations in the UK & in Europe.

Graham says “There is a real magic being on the radio when listeners are reflecting on their day & sharing their quiet moments with you” 

 with Andy Crane

Andy Crane has been broadcasting on radio and television for more than 30 years! It all began in 1983 at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester after which he was poached by Capital Radio. 1986 saw Andy join Children’s BBC and begin the television role in The Broom Cupboard that would quickly make him a household name.

He currently hosts the Saturday Breakfast show on BBC Radio Manchester and weekday afternoons for commercial radio presenting The Home Run simultaneously on eight Bauer Media stations across the north!

And of course a daily show for SuperYacht Radio! 

with Chris Marsden

You can tell that Chris Marsden has landed on his feet with his current job as he has little hesitation in naming the one item he couldn't be without if he was stranded on a desert island - a radio!...let's hope it is an Internet Radio!

Chris Marsden has 25 years of radio broadcasting under his belt. From national to regional, ILR to BBC – Worldwide broadcasting to good ol’ Blighty

Once called “The housewife’s choice” Chris has extensive experience in the industry with Century, Viking, Hot, Oasis and Minster FM plus the BBC Radio and Capital Disney to mention but a few. 

Join him every weekday for his unique sense of fun.

Reggae Waves
with Leroy

Join Leroy volunteering his DJ skills every Sunday from 20:00 - 00:00 for the best in Reggae music on the open seas, or wherever you are....

You will not hear this music anywhere else, we guarantee it!


with Rhea

Join Rhea every weekday from 07:00 - 11:00 CET to catchup on what is going on in the industry and the world around you. The Over Board show is a mix of music, news, industry updates and what the industry is talking about....what matters to you.

Rhea comes from a strong background in international radio having begun her career on Canadian radio So Country and Giant FM she moved to Mallorca where she worked with Sunshine Radio before joining us here at SuperYacht Radio. 

with Coz

Tune-in every Saturday evening and join one of the industries most popular  personalities. Born in the 60's, raised in the 70's introduced to Soul and R&B in the 80's and fell inlove with it in the 90's Coz brings you the best of that genre. 

'The Chill Deck'
 With Diana

If it's the sound of Ibiza you're craving then crave no longer!
Join Diana our volunteer DJ from Ibiza every Friday from 20:00 - 22:00 as she plays out The Chill Deck live from our studios in Palma.