Imagine telling your story to over 45,000 Superyacht professionals every month!

Imagine being able to reach over 108 countries with your message every month!

Now Imagine Being Able To Promote Your Business or Service
To Over 45,000 Super Yacht Professionals Every Month!

Imagine No More.....Welcome To Super Yacht Radio.

We Deliver.....

On Reaching Your Target Audience!

SuperYacht Radio broadcasts to over 40,000 industry professionals each month, many of them tuning in multiple times per day! By advertising with SuperYacht Radio you are guarenteed that your message reaches your future customers.

On a Unique Platform To Promote Your Company!

SuperYacht Radio is the only radio station focused on the superyacht industry and community. Social engagement is what radio does best. Because of this, we can truly offer you a unique marketing and branding experience that resonates with your audience.

On Higher Conversion Rates!

Digital Radio has the highest conversion ratio of any advertising medium meaning your ROI is higher. Studies conducted by Neilson have consistantly found that the ROI on Radio advertising is been €6 for every €1 spent

On Affordible Advertising!

Advertising on SuperYacht Radio is a lot more affordable than you might think especially when compared to traditional radio or glossy publications, and it also reaches a wider global audience.

Three Advantages of Radio Advertising!

Marketing and brand managers have never had it tougher. Today there are more marketing channels, mediums and opportunities than at any other time in our history. But the age-old question remains: Where do you get the biggest bang for your buck?

You would be surprised to learn that even in our modern age of streaming content, smart TV’s and increased consumer control over media choices – radio (yes, radio!) still dominates in several key metrics. Hard to believe that nearly one hundred years after the first radio ad aired 1922 on WAEF in New York City, radio is still a consumer favorite.

Here is a run-down of three direct response radio advantages.



and the resurgance of radio

A few years ago, consumer research giant Nielsen greatly expanded the scope of their audio marketing analytics to more accurately measure and compare all media platforms. What happened next surprised everyone. Radio they discovered - the old man of media channels - reached more consumers than every other channel out there! The numbers weren’t even close. More than social media, more than smart phones, more than television. People, across all demographics and age groups, still loves radio.

Years later, that hasn’t changed. In fact, radio’s audience continues to grow, adding new listeners by the millions every year! And now with digital radio and podcasts in the mix, the universe of listeners continues to expand.



and the impact on social behavior

When it comes to impacting consumer behavior, nothing succeeds quite like radio. This has been studied over and over, and the results are always the same. Whether it is getting people to go online and make a purchase, stopping into a restaurant, or boost memorability for a product – nothing works better than radio.

When you think about it, this makes sense. We interact with radio differently from other media. We don’t watch, we listen. Listening, unlike watching, is never passive. It is an activity that involves our attention, our imagination and our engagement. The rapid growth of podcasts, a medium rich in storytelling supports this too. Psychologists believe this sort of cognitive processing is why radio is so much more effective at influencing behavior. And because radio is often part of our communities and daily habits, it is trusted more than online advertising.



$6 for every $1 spent.....

So what’s the most cost effective medium for your ad dollar? You guessed it, radio. More reach, more influence and better retention generally add up to better financial returns on your marketing dollar! To prove that point, Nielsen recently matched credit and debit card purchases to exposure of radio ads, comparing the lift to the same purchase data in markets where the ads didn’t run. In every measured category, they saw dramatic returns on ad spends (ROAS).

Another study by Nielsen compared ROAS on radio to all other mediums by studying specific brands. They concluded that these brands averaged a sales lift of more than six dollars for every one dollar spent on radio ads – an ROI double that of even the best results from many recent studies of digital or TV media. So what does this all mean? Simple. If you’re a marketing or brand manager and you’re not considering radio, you probably should be. Sure, there may very well be younger and sexier choices, but when it comes to a proven track record, nothing beats radio.

Branding & Marketing Through SuperYacht Radio

Here are some of the ways you can brand your company and promote your product and services
  • Branding

    Show Sponsorship

    Sponsoring an on-air contest or program can grant you exposure to a new audience and align your brand with certain causes, values, and beliefs.

  • Marketing

    Advertising Campaigns & Digital Marketing

    Radio is by far the best medium through which to market your company, product or service. Radio consistantly out performs other marketing platforms such as printed & digital media, social media and TV in terms of conversions to sales. And don't just take our word for it, Neilsons have reported this year after year in their market reports.

  • Event Promotion

    Yacht Show & Corporate Events

    Are you organising a Yacht Show or Corporate Event? Or perhaps you have invested (heavily) in exhibiting at a show? Then it is time to let the world know! Use us to help inform the industry of what you are doing to drive quality traffic to your event or stand.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing & Advertorials

    Radio is all about telling stories! We offer you the oportunity to tell your story and that of your company , share your expertise or experience personalising your company in the industry. This is a unique opportunity to build a personal relationship and establish trust with your future customers.

  • Seminars & Talks

    Broadcast Your Talks or Seminars

    Due to the global nature of our industry it is difficult to get a target audience into the same room for a talk or seminar. SuperYacht Radio offers you the unique opportunity to broadcast live from anywhere in the world to your global audience. Fully supported by our marketing team we also get the message out there to build potential audiences from a few hundred to potentially thousands. 

  • Podcasts

    Podcast Sponsoring

    Podcast listeners are a sought after group – the audience trends towards educated, early adopters, what makes podcasts listeners unique is that they are choosing to consume that particular content time and time again. The host becomes a trusted voice to deliver them not only interesting stories and banter, but information on companies as well.

SuperYacht Radio Audience

SuperYacht Radio listeners are a diverse range of well educated well travelled and well informed people with a shared passion for the high seas and adventure. They range from Generation X to Generation Z , and everything in between. They exist in a world where only the best is deemed acceptable and seven star service is the norm.

They are tech-savvy and understand how the digital world can help them to access and share great content. They bank on-line, shop on-line, listen on-line and use social media to keep in contact with their family and friends.


“Yachtprojects International and Procom365 have used Superyacht Radio as a medium for advertising over the past 18 months.

We also partake of hard copy and social media advertising. The response from end users has been remarkable when considering the combination of Radio and our cross marketing on social media between the two companies and has outstripped the response rate from hard copy media to the point where we will no longer be considering traditional means in our forthcoming advertising budgets. Superyacht Radio and their associated social media campaigns is the most cost efficient way of utilizing your marketing dollar, Euro or Pound.”

"We were seeking a way to interact with a new audience and radio was clearly the best way to build our brand awareness and do something different. The reach of radio was far greater than what we were getting through traditional print so we redirected some budget accordingly and saw very positive results. For our marketing plan we need to be getting maximum exposure through all channels (print, digital and radio) and the ability to tell a story and educate an audience is unrivalled on radio. We are really pleased with the results we got from our last campaign and without hesitation plan on doing more in the future."

"Listening on an 80 meter in Sri Lanka off the VSAT and Tunein. Your plugged into the central iPod so the whole boat can listen. Hope to take you with us to Thailand in a week. Cheers"

"I like the fact that not only there's good music, but that you get the yachting and the world news and that the 'talk shows' are not boring"

Some FAQ's

We conduct regular surveys with our listeners to understand who they are, what they do in the industry and what they want from their station. We can also tell from our Social Media followers the overall makeup of our demograph. We also look closely at the geolocations of our listeners and can tell from this that the vast majority are located in yacht centric locations like the east coast of Florida up into South Carolina, the French Riviera and increasingly in well known superyacht destinations in South East Asia and Oceania.

We broadcast via several different streaming services which deliver to our Apps, Websites, 3rd party Radio Apps, Apple TV etc...etc.... Each of our streaming services report on how many people connect / listen to our stream and they also tell us the IP address of each listener. From the IP address we can tell the Geolocation of each listener and we can tell how often they listen and for how long. By combining all of this data we can be pin-point accurate as to where our listeners are, how often they tune in, how they are listening and for how long.

SuperYacht Radio is primarily talk radio, interviewing personalities in the industry, professionals, crew, designers, ship builders..... if they are in the industry and have a story to tell then we talk with them. We host several regular shows, for example Around The World with The Howorths, The Funk Zone, The Crew Mess and soon The Sustainability Show.

We also play a variety of music from Reggae every Sunday to Funk, AC, Blues & Jazz and Chill Music. 

We offer our clients several diiferent ways to advertise and promote their business, product, service or event. Whether you are looking to build your brand, market your company, sell a product or promote your event, SuperYacht Radio has a solution for you!

Some of the ways that you can promote your company are;

* Traditional advertising 

* Content Marketing

* Advertorials

* Social Media promotion

* Sponsorship of Shows

* Sponsorship of Features

* Digital advertising (Banner Ads)

* Product reviews

* Sponsored competitions

We have found that no two clients are quite the same and so we design campaigns with a focus on what our clients needs and goals are and most importantly what their budget is.

To be honest a campaign can be for as little as €20..... a meaningful campaign for about €300 per month and a powerful campaign for about €700 per month.

Perhaps the question you should ask is "can I afford not to promote myself on SuperYacht Radio?"

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